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We currently teach classes that span the Computer Science (CSE) and Cognitive Science (COGS) departments. Classes are interdisciplinary and focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Design at different levels. If you are interested in any of our classes find below a short description and links to them.

If you want to take one of my classes, but you don’t have the prerequisites, please fill in this form. We will be notified of your intention to have clearance and contact you to let you know if you have been cleared.


CSE 118 - Applications in Ubiquitous Computing
CSE 218 - Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

The advent of affordable sensors and interaction devices and wireless mobile computing devices has created boundless opportunities for in-the-world computing applications that can transform our lives. This course explores these opportunities in the form of both a project-based class and a preparatory course for graduate school.

On the one hand we will explore the development of small applications or interaction techniques based on those devices. On the other hand, we will learn how to read, present, and discuss research papers from the literature of ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, and human-computer interaction.

Every week a new ubiquitous computing device will be introduced and we will discuss the technology behind it, and how it has been used in research (i.e. reading and discussing technical and research papers). In addition, we will form teams to undertake small research projects. The projects will involve the design and implementation of a ubiquitous computing application, based on one of the devices presented in class.

CSE 190/291 - Human-Computer Interaction for Health

HCI4H is a blended class that incorporates senior undergraduate students and graduate students (both MS and PhD). The class is offered both in the undergraduate curriculum as a CSE 190 and in the graduate curriculum as CSE 291.

The course is aimed to be interdisciplinary and bring together students from CSE, CogSci, DBMI, Medicine, Public Health and others. In this class students will be exposed to the healthcare domain at large, including visits to hospital facilities, such as emergency rooms, trauma rooms, operating rooms, outpatient medical offices, medical students teaching facilities, but also other measurement centers, sleep clinics, and technology-centered health companies.

The HCI4H class will approach the field by studying regulations and enrolling in the human protection courses offered by the CITI program. We will also study a variety of cutting-edge interactive technologies that are currently being used and can potentially be used in the near future to support healthcare.

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