• Tap-and-Play - Write-n-Speak

    The goal of the project is to study multimodal paper-digital interactions for health care applications education and social interactions, and develop an infrastructure to support educators, end-users, therapists and health professionals during their interactions, as well as support content sharing across them.

    Tap-and-Play - Write-n-Speak
  • TraumaPen - TraumaDisplay

    The goal of the project is to study the introduction of digital capture and display technology during trauma resuscitation.

    TraumaPen - TraumaDisplay
  • Chroma

    We are investigating a variety of ubiquotous and multimodal technology to support a variety of users undergoing specific health issues such as aphasia, color-blindess, bruxism, Locked-in Syndrome, Autism, etc.

  • HoloUltrasound - Ultratracker

    We are designing, implementing and evaluating Mixed-Reality solutions for Surgery and Radiology.

    HoloUltrasound - Ultratracker
  • Patient-Physician Communication

    We want to better understand the system defined by the medical office and the role that people, artifacts and technology play in this environment to inform the design of the next generation interactive tools and visualization.

    Patient-Physician Communication
  • PIRC-Net

    We use social media as a sensor to better understand a variety of behavioral clues that might help resolve health and healthcare related problems.

  • Connected and Open Research Ethics

    The CORE (Connected and Open Research Ethics) initiative is actively investigating how to redefine research ethics.

    Connected and Open Research Ethics
  • Lab-in-a-Box

    This project enables the investigation of macro-micro relationships of people’s interaction sin the wild, among themselves and with technology.

  • UbiScope

    Ubiscope, the Ubiquitous Computing Microscope is a new kind of microscope for understanding people through the unobtrusive and pervasive sensing of physiological and behavioral data.

  • Lab-in-a-Box

    Lab-in-a-Box is novel multimodal data collection and analysis infrastructure based on eye, body, gesture, voice and activity tracking.


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